Zion Philosophy


I am pleased to introduce you to Zion Heights International School. The school is a unique modern, international, co-educational institution dedicated to building strategic bridge between present dreams and future realities. Located in an accessible and serene environment, the school offers both boarding and non-boarding options and the students are trained to be morally sound, imaginative and creative, inculcating in them the passion to constantly seek knowledge that address practical issues of development.

Our Vision

World Class Education, Raising a Godly generation, Developing strong technological skills, Engaging services of best professionals, Developing Leadership & citizenship skills, Developing logical reasoning skills, Inculcating positive self-esteem, Exposure to global environment, All geared towards birthing a New Nigeria.

Our Mission

To provide Christ-centred education that bridges generational gap and is technologically driven, child friendly in order to produce excellent and world class leaders.