Zion College


Zion Heigth International - realizing our students' potentials and providing creative and individual learning specific to every child. Zion Heigth International Senior School is a vibrant, structured and systemic environment with a strong devotion to disciplined and qualitative behavior.

Teachers have thorough understanding of their specialist subjects and of the education needs of each child. We ensure that unity of purpose exists throughout the school's curriculum. The aims and objectives for each subject is clear and our curriculum allows the teachers to work cooperatively to achieve the agreed aims and objectives. Our syllabi are reviewed and revised yearly to ensure we keep up-to-date with international trends and developments.


Zion Heigth International operates a Nigerian/International Curriculum as both seek to achieve different ends. The former based on the National Education Policy, takes learning from a wider perspective while the later emphasizes the depth of knowledge. A thorough blend of both as it is applied in Zion Heigth International produces uniquely outstanding students that are able to stand the challenges of the mixed and complex world anywhere they find themselves.