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How to Ask Kids Questions the Right Way

Sep 12, 2020

Essentially, there are no right questions or wrong answers, but when you are considering questions to ask kids, here are a few things to aim for:
👉Ask open-ended questions
When you ask questions that can be answered with a simple “yes” or “no,” it will be difficult to keep the conversation going. Instead, ask questions that will prompt your kids to talk a bit more. For example, rather than asking “Did you have fun at school today?” you should consider asking “What interesting thing happened at school today?”
👉Keep the questions simple
It can be tough to move beyond the typical “How was your day?” or “How was school today?” especially when you have kids who are not very talkative. In this case, try asking something that is still simple, but a bit different. 
👉Don’t be pushy
Sometimes, your kids may not be in the mood to talk or the timing might just not be right. Be conscious about this and avoid forcing them to talk or open up at that time. Give them room to talk about what they want to, while following up with “Why” or “Tell me more about that” or even a simple “I’m glad you shared that with me.” 
👉Be casual about it
Opening up to parents can be a bit uncomfortable for kids. So instead of calling a special question and answer session, try using activities like riding bikes or taking a walk together as opportunities to start conversations with different questions.
👉Be mindful of your reactions and responses
This is not the time to criticise, scold or over-lecture your child about something he or she tells you. It is also not the time to be replying messages or be absent-minded. Focus on whatever your child is telling you, then respond with love and empathy. This will help win your child’s trust and make your child feel safe sharing things with you.