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Reasons Why it’s Important to Ask Kids Questions

Sep 12, 2020

As a parent, you might believe you know everything there is about your kids. You might spend more time lecturing and telling them what to do without trying to learn about what they might be going through or seeing things from their perspective. If you spend time asking your kids questions, there’s a lot you’ll learn about them and even understand why they behave a certain way or say certain things. 
👉Questions create room for conversation
Whether you’re at the dining table or in the car heading somewhere, questions can get your kids talking and create room for conversations that you otherwise might not have if you never ask a question.
👉Questions help you learn more about your kids
There are things that happen in your kids lives that they may not spontaneously talk about except you prompt them to. That’s one reason why these questions to ask kids are important.
👉 Questions help you learn about different aspects of your kids lives beyond favourite food or who their best friends are. 
👉Questions help you determine how your child interprets the world
Can you tell if your child is empathetic or if he or she picks on other kids? How would your child react to someone who is “fat” or perceived as ugly to someone who is beautiful?
Asking questions can help you determine how your child sees the world and you can identify things about his or her perspective to address or correct if need be. 
👉Questions support your child’s learning  According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, asking children questions supports their language development and critical thinking. Asking questions can also help motivate your child to be more curious about something that might have happened during their day and as neurological studies have shown, curiosity makes the brain more receptive for learning.